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Help us to help others.

Baba's bunch was started in the late 70's by Sushanta baba when he started designing and making jewellery in Nepal then traveling to sell his pieces. Any money left over was donated directly to those in need.

During the 15 years traveling India and surrounding countries Sushanta was able to help start a home for disabled children. He started organic gardens and taught yoga privately and in ashrams in order to help build schools and feed the poor. These programs he started are still running today independently.

Returning to live in Nepal in 1994, Sushanta moved 20 km out of the city to a village where he came into contact with some extremely poor children, and started helping out by getting them to schools.

A few years later he met Nanu and her late husband and 'The Helpless' colony. It started with some 27 homeless children, most of them trafficked from remote villages during the civil war. It took a year to get them housed, at school and healthy, from there began an 18 year long sponsorship. During this time Shanta came into his life and he discovered that she could run, communicate and help in many ways, so of course the family grew quickly.

In 2015 the catastrophic earthquake hit Nepal and everything changed. By this time 'The Helpless Colony' had been renamed to 'The Happiness Colony'. All the children were passing school exams, cooking food, washing and helping each other. Living a good life, thanks to Nanu who never left their sides. The Happiness colony then received more help from others and is still running. They have 7 girls and 8 boys living there, almost all of the original children have grown up, graduated and are doing well. Baba's Bunch is the name for Sushanta's current work to support poor families, communities and orphans.

This is where Baba's Bunch is today:


Seda School B: 53 children and 7 teachers. 6 girls at this school in SKG to 3 class, their fees are paid up to March 2020. BB also supplies copy books, pencils, sports equipment etc, once a year.

Seda School T: We have 9 children in this big school, 350 students with 30 teachers. 5 Girls, 4 Boys, in class 4 to 9 class. All of these children we started at school from a very young age, all their scholarships are paid until Sept 2019. We hope to pay the rest of the years fees in the next month or so.

Phulchoki School: We have been supporting this school for 18 years and currently have 6 children; 5 girls,1 boy. All doing very well, 4 girls have been with us some years, new is Aamir in class 1 and his little sister Anju in class LKG. This is our best run school where we started a library some years ago and where most of our donated books go. A collection of small children's books from NZ was delivered to them last week.

Kitni Govt school: Where we help out and our top boy Anish goes, he now just graduated 15 class and has already started his bachelor 16 class. His yearly fees will be paid soon as possible. We also support Mom, Mina, Anish and young sister Anisha who goes to Seda School. They support us with fresh veges and sometimes fresh milk from their cow.

All these schools and children are in the same area where we used to live 20 km from the city, I try and visit them all at least once a fortnight and distribute anything they need or what I've been donated .

Ishwor is next. He's been with us since he was a baby, no father but his mother Mira who's currently working in Saudi and trying to save enough to come back and is a great help to us when she's here. Ishwor stays in a very good boarding school and we have just paid his yearly scholarship and boarding fees. Ishwor often comes home and stays with us on long weekends.

Karina is in 9 class at Sunshine school and doing okay. No Father, but Mom Kalpana is my nurse at the nature-cure hospital and comes running whenever my old bones get tired. Her scholarship for the year is paid up.

HOME NGO Street to HOME NGO. Shanta is vice president of this NGO, started three years ago by seven women to rescue the children who were forced to beg on the streets. 42 children and teenagers were all in the first lot who were picked up, clothed, fed and put in two different government schools. I visited one of the schools last week, 25 children are still there and going to school. Another 5 children in another school, the older children were taught to make dolls etc which are sold to help support the children. Out of this came ten more children with no parents or only a Mum with no place to go. Today Street to Home have rented five rooms in a new home in the suburbs where these 10 children live and all go to a local Government school. They are looked after by the women, the youngest child is 3 years old, the oldest is about 9 years old but some of them aren't sure.

Baba's Bunch supports them in many ways with monthly food, rent etc. We have just had 10 pairs of leather shoes made for them, then we bought 10 pairs of gym shoes and track suits for all. They are wearing them and so happy, I don't think they have ever had any new clothes before.

MOTHER SISTER NGO Shanta is also vice president of this NGO, Nepali ladies started this NGO after the earthquakes in Sindupulchoke district which was the worst hit area, the whole village was destroyed along with the school. Baba's Bunch supported the first 2 years, then they received some good help and last year they were fine, however the women called last week in dire straights, so as soon as possible Shanta and I hope to travel there and look at the situation first hand, we can help.

OUR NEW LIFE REHAB CENTRE This is run by our son Pramod. We started this nearly 4 years ago by helping out with a new rehab centre where Pramod was manager, it didn't work out so we rented a 1/4 acre out of town with a broken down house and Pramod started rescuing street kids addicted to petrol, glue, plastic or any chemicals available free or very cheap in the market. 90% of them can't pay as they have nothing and no guardians to help out. 2 years ago we got them all gardening as part of the program, today we have flourishing gardens, producing much of our veges etc, now I've started buying baby fruit trees and planting them on the rented land. They have no water on tap so last week Baba's Bunch bought them a good electric pump and we can pump the water up from a pond 300m away, Definitely not drinking water, but Pramod called last night very excited because they just pumped up a full tank of water. Joy to the world.

Today there are 27 boys living there under treatment. 15 of them 18 to 20 years old, 5 of them 20 to 25 years, 7 of them above 25 years. 20 of them are detoxing from hard chemicals. 7 are alcoholics. 4 of them who have stayed 1 to 2 years clean have no where to go, so they live there, teaching and keep it all running, Baba's Bunch pays for the rent, rice and much more .

RAMMED EARTH BUILDING Right after the earthquakes when 82 houses came down in our village alone, my friend Narayan and partner in the Honey company had just built their family house in rammed earth and steel, the house certainly moved around but no cracks or any damage so I invested my personal money and Narayan started The Rammed Earth Sustainable Futures Company. Today they have built more than 50 schools, health centres and other buildings. Baba's Bunch is very involved in rebuilding a school in Kavre district, 30km from Kathmandu.So far, we have completed the first 2 stages and are working on the 3rd and last stage and hope to hand it all over to around 150 children and their teachers this year.

Bhimsen, Daya Ram and family, our silversmiths and friends during the last 30 or more years whose tiny mud brick house all but came down in the 1st quakes and whose grandson lost his life. 11 members are still living in 2 tiny crumbling leaking rooms and a tin shed. 4 years of meetings with government officials later they have finally got approval to rebuild on the 30 x 20m piece of land left to them after a road has been built beside them taking 3m off the family land. After pulling down the remains of their home and cleaning all the bricks etc, we hope to start new foundations and the concrete floor, our government will check and hopefully give some money to put the walls up.

So I've started preparing for that and hope to start after the monsoon. We need around USD6,000 to start. Most of the money will come from jewellery sales we hope and some from Baba's Bunch account if there's anything left by October. Baba's Bunch pays for some of their grandchildren's schooling, supplies and food etc when we can.

Then there are our own grandchildren, and a dozen more children who call only when they are down and out, needing food, clothing, shelter, or whatever, so then we check it out and supply what we can. So far 9 old laptops have been received and donated to many who want to advance in this field. Shanta and I both spend 3 to 4 days a week looking after all these people and much more.

There is no administration money taken, every rupee that goes into our children's account is spent for the children and those in need. I'm happy to answer any questions and supply any more information if needed.

From our hearts we would like to thank our many friends and well-wishers around the planet for all the donations, books, clothes and love. Without you all we wouldn't be able to touch so many.


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