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About us

A successful business, just like a successful relationship, is build on trust and honesty
Add the three Rs – respect, romance and rapport – and you’re well on the way to what women want. Feeling desired, understood and appreciated really makes a woman shine, as does beautiful jewellery!

There is nothing in our business that is more rewarding than achieving that special chemistry between a customer and the ‘right’ jewellery. This is what drives us and excites us in our passion for antique and estate jewellery, and is at the heart of our custom made and remodeled pieces. It is also why we prefer natural stones, gold and silver.

What Women Want Jewellers is an exquisite and unique shop. Now in its 15th year, it is a vibrant hub of activity and interaction. Our shopfront offers a sumptuous array of one-off jewellery pieces and miniature antique curios, while our workshop is kept busy with repairs and remakes. We understand the personal and sentimental nature of jewellery, and the time and attention it takes to get things just right. This is reflected in the growing number of customers who bring their precious pieces to us for restoration or remodeling.

Our story

Nicholas, the founder of WWWJ began his career in New York, selling his jewellery to shops and at craft fairs. In 1981 he returned to Australia and established a manufacturing retail jewellery shop, which he ran for 16 years. During this time he became a qualified gemologist. He then went on to set up the jewellery section of a Sydney Cash Converters before moving to the Bellingen area, where he continued to work with antiques and estate jewellery. In 2003 he set up WWWJ in Coffs Harbour and has been there ever since, qualifying as a registered valuer in 2006, an extremely difficult and stringent qualification to achieve. Regular trips to Yowah and Lightning Ridge have fostered his love of opals, and he has even won a couple of prizes in opal competitions.

We love Nicholas for his boundless energy and optimism, his creativity and generosity, and above all, his Tango dancing!

Michaela moved to the Bellingen/Coffs Harbour region in the early 1990s, a widow with two young children. She established the much loved and sorely missed Ecohouse, a recycling and waste management business which was an institution for 16 years in the Bellingen Shire. Since then she has run successful online retail businesses until landing the job as manager at WWJ in January 2015. It was a match made in heaven and now she is a partner in the business! Michaela brings a wealth of creative, humane business savvy and a passion for re-using and recycling.

We love Michaela for her honesty and caring, her capability and tenacity, and of course, her salsa dancing!

Sally began working at WWJ at the same time as Michaela, as workshop assistant to Nicholas, and has quickly become essential to the smooth running of the shop. With her teaching background and editorial skills, she is a gifted and empathetic communicator. Perhaps it is her innate ability to truly engage that makes her such a superb portrait photographer!

Jo is the newest member of the WWWJ team, and brings a diversity of skills that magically suit the job at hand. She has worked in retail, hospitality, administration, social media and events management. And she sings!

Specialist Jewellers.

Over time we have sought and found an elite team of contract jewellers who are specialists in their field. From opal and gem stone cutters, to setters and silk threaders, we have a master crafts person for every task.

Future direction

WWWJ is poised for exciting new growth, having entered the online business world and continuing to service the fast growing region between Scotts Head and Grafton. Our product range, sourced from all over the world, continues to expand in quantity and quality, and our love of creative recycling will continue to find expression in our custom makes and renovations.