Resize, repair and remodel

Repair and remodel

Why not have those old sentimental pieces, which you will never wear or maybe they are just too worn out, remodeled into something you will really appreciate.


What Women Want Jewellers provide a free resizing service for our valued customers for rings priced over AU$1,000. Resizing for rings below $1000 will be charged at a special wholesale rate (please see below for details). These offers apply to all rings purchased from our online and bricks and mortar store in the City Centre of Coffs Harbour. Simply contact us to arrange your resize.

How is works

What Women Want Jewellers use the ‘cut and add’ procedure. The ring will be cut at the back and enough of your metal alloy will be added or removed to facilitate the resizing. This means your ring will look exactly the same as it did before.



                                           STERLING             9 CARAT             18 CARAT
Resize down                                      $27.00                    $35.00                        $45.00
Resize up
Up to 4mm- first 2 sizes                    $35.00                   $55.00                          $65.00
Each size after                                       $4.00                     $7.00                          $10.00


Up to 6mm- first 2 sizes                    $45.00                  $65.00                           $75.00
Each size after                                       $7.00                   $10.00                         $15.00


Rhodium plating: $66.00 (this process will take up to 1 week).

Please note that we generally do not accept returns on resized item. Please check our returns policy for details.

How to find your size